Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do You Believe?

True Believer is the first book in the Jeremy Marsh series by Nicholas Sparks, and is another great story.

Product DetailsSynopsis:

Jeremy has just pulled off the story of his career about a conman.   Now what will he do next?  A letter came to him by a lady named Doris from Boone Creek.  She told him about some mysterious lights that take place in their cemetery and would be he comes down to investigate?  Jeremy journeys to Boone Creek to start his investigation.  He meets the people of the town but there is one special one in particular.  Lexie Darnell is the librarian who helps Jeremy with his investigation but can she help him with more.  What will the investigation discover about the lights?

My Thoughts:

Having been a fan for a long time, I found another great book by Nicholas Sparks. I was very much entertained by the author’s description of this small town and its characters.  I think my favorite character was the mayor of the town Mayor Gurgken who helped ad some humor to the story.  The main character in this book includes an interest in science.   Science personally is one of my least favorite subjects in school.   I was as interested in the investigation but felt the story lagged a little.

What makes a story great to you?  What flavor does a story need?  Do you like romance?  What feeling do you need expressed by the author to truly enjoy a book?
What I like is a great relaxing story that occasionally provokes some thought.   Nicholas Sparks is great at evoking emotion out of his readers.

I hope you enjoy Nicholas Sparks as much as I have.  Please visit his Facebook and website.


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