Friday, August 3, 2012

Shopaholic Take 2

The beach read for July is Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. 


Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Summer Display Opportunity)Rebecca is now a television personality on Morning Coffee.  She has managed to befriend Mr. Smeath but he has news of his own.   He will no longer be in charge of her account at Endwich Bank.   Of course there is shopping!  Rebecca really wants to see her relationship grow with Luke.   He stays busy with work and Rebecca lets him set the pace of the relationship.  The game changer comes when Luke asks Rebecca to move to New York with him.  Will Rebecca be able to survive New York!  Will Saks Fifth Avenue survive the Shopaholic?  Will Luke become more committed?

My Thoughts:

I did not love this book.   Ms. Kinsella does a wonderful job of creating a superficial and narcissistic character in Rebecca Bloomwood.    I felt that the story was a little bit better this time around.  I just couldn’t compel myself to finish the book.   I guess the humor is a little lost on me.   Meg Cabot fans will love this book!

Shopping is a theme that runs through this series.   Are you a thrifty spender?  Do you compulsively shop?   Is retail therapy one of your favorite past times?   If your answer is yes to this question then you are a Shopaholic?


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