Sunday, June 3, 2012

Take a Trip to Paris with Eloisa James and Family

Thank you to Sue Grimshaw and Random House for sending me this book.


Eloisa and her family which includes her husband Alessandro and their two children Luca and Anna decide to move to Paris for a year.   Alessandro takes a sabbatical from his work as a college professor and is Italian.   He has family in Italy so they go off to visit them first and then make the drive to Paris.  This journey is narrated by Eloisa James.
Eloisa narrates the story of that year through essays on fashion and French food to short snippets throughout each chapter.   You get a picture of what it is like to live in Paris with children.  She is also very descriptive of the beautiful setting of the city and the many activities to do. 

My Thoughts:

This book discussed a couple of my favorite topics one being anything French and the other fashion.  I thought that the book would appeal to me for those reasons.  I was a little disappointed with this book.  I had a hard time staying focused while reading it.  I feel this maybe my lack of fondness for memoirs.  As I said above there were many subjects that I found interesting such as the food, fashion, the museums, and her writing.

One aspect of the book that Eloisa shared many times is what her many jobs are.   Eloisa is a Professor in creative writing studies at Fordham and Writer of romance novels.  Many people don’t realize that writers often wear many hats.  For most writing is not a full time job.  Would you want to take an adventure like Eloisa and her family?

You can reach Eloisa James by e-mail and or website.


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